Service and Repair

Repair and Maintenance: VidTroniX maintains an in-house RMA department for the service and repair of our printers and related products. Our skilled technicians can, in most cases, guarantee a seven day turn around period from the time the printers are received at our facility. Repairs can be expedited if needed and small returns are often repaired and returned within 48 hours.

Parts: VidTroniX has a complete line of replacement parts including 2000+ chassis, 1500+ motherboards and 3000+ print heads on site at all times, thus creating an outstanding delivery period in consideration of the requirements of our customers. VidTroniX can ship 100% of all parts within 24 hours of receiving parts order.

Warranty: Standard warranty is one year and can be extended up to seven years. VidTroniX printer circuit boards are 100% backwards compatible with the original printer we built in 1999. This compatibility allows our customers to upgrade an existing printer to the latest AEA standards by simply changing the mother board, thereby saving the expense of purchasing an entirely new printer.

Common Use: VidTroniX is an authorized product and service provider for AirIT, Amadeus, ARINC, CUTE, ESP, KIS, SCC, SITA and Ultra Electronics Airport Systems.

For all service and repair questions contact:
Stephanie McDaniel | | 913.441.9777

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