The VidTroniX MAP is a three path travel document printer that prints on two boarding pass stocks and one baggage tag stock in succession using a single printhead. Given the small size of the MAP printer and its ability to print on three separate stocks it is able to take up much less space than the three printers it essentially replaces. There are separate interface connections for the boarding pass and baggage tags allowing for dual host configurations. Each printer is individually tested using the customer's stock and data message to ensure that the printers will operate properly upon receipt, which prevents needless troubleshooting and adjustments.

DIMENSIONS (HxWxL) 173 x 177 x 211 mm | 6.8 x 7.0 x 8.3"
PRINT SPEED Up to 6 inches per second
Up to 30 coupons per minute
PRINT RESOLUTION 203 dpi or 300 dpi
PRINT HEAD REPLACEMENT 1/2 Minute - no tools required
PAPER HANDLING Near straight paper
3 Paper feed paths selectable
Path 1 and 2 are both ATB
Path 3 is Bag Tag
PAPER WIDTH 2.125" (bag tag)
3.250" (ticket and boarding pass)
PAPER SERERATION Motor operated burster, a must if using
RFiD bagtag stock
ELECTRONICS Microprocessor controlled
Power backed RAM
Standard flash ROM
Optional flash ROM 2MB
SYSTEM INTERFACE ATB Host – RS232C to 38,400 baud
Bag Tag Host – RS232C to 38,400 baud
RJ45 Connectors
Optional USB Interface available
Optional LAN interface available
DISPLAY LCD 2 rows with 16 characters
With backlight
LED – Power, LED – Error, LED – Stock out bin 1
LED – Stock out bin 2, LED – Stock out bin 3,
LED – Ready 1, ATB, LED – Ready 2, BagTag
POWER SUPPLY A/C power: universal input
100-240V~1.8A, 50-60Hz
OPTIONS Integrated RFID Module Gen 0, Gen 1, Gen 2
Metal Cabinet for securing and feeding stock


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